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Cool, comfort and protection. An innovative underpad that absorbs humidity, protects against leakage, and releases pure oxygen to provide sustained freshness.

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The O2 Movement Underpads

Unlike traditional underpads, The O2 Movement Underpad is not just an extra barrier against leaks. It also provides relief against the humidity and reduces the risk of irritations by releasing oxygen to the surface. Our patented technology makes our underpads feel comfortable and more effective in wicking moisture.


Patented oxygen-release technology

Embedded within the layers of the underpad is our patented technology that actively releases oxygen. With this technology, you can experience incredible comfort and reduced irritation, odor, and anaerobic bacteria.


Absorbs humidity

While traditional underpads only absorb moisture, the O2 Movement Underpad goes an extra mile by absorbing any humidity trapped in the microenvironment between the pad and your skin.


Helps prevent bedsores

The oxygen released by the O2 Movement Underpads helps prevent pressure sores by providing a cooler, more comfortable, and drier environment. It also aids in relieving irritations and in keeping the skin that is exposed to the pad, healthier.



The O2 Movement Underpads makes your life easier with its wide range of daily application. Underpads can be used for: incontinence (protect your furniture & bedding, protect wheelchairs & car seats), home-use, commercial-use (hospitals, EMT & more), and for infants (changing pads, car seat protector & more).

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