Nipple Complexion Revitalizer
Nipple Complexion Revitalizer Pack

Oxygène Parfait Nipple Complexion Revitalizer

Oxygen-enriching nipple revitalizer pads for a rosier, more even-toned complexion.

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Oxygène Parfait Nipple Complexion Revitalizer

Helps restore uneven skin tone on the nipples and areola. Featuring The O2 Movement’s patented oxygen-release technology, this revitalizer (in the form of a discreet adhesive pad) enriches the skin with pure oxygen, treating hyperpigmentation caused by hormonal changes.


Patented oxygen-release technology

The Oxygène Parfait Nipple Complexion Revitalizer’s secret to brightening the skin-tone lies in our patented oxygen-release technology. Activated by humidity, the pads deliver pure oxygen to the nipple and surrounding skin.


Chemical-free absorption

Unlike lightening creams that are applied directly to the skin, our complexion revitalizer delivers only pure oxygen and is absorbed by the skin without the consequences of any chemicals or carcinogens.


Corrects hyperpigmentation

Oxygen is a known treatment for hyperpigmentation. By disassembling the bonds in melanin, oxygen makes the skin appear brighter and more even.



Created with high-quality materials and designed to be undetectable, the revitalizer can be worn underneath clothing comfortably and doesn’t affect the way your clothes look from the outside!

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