Feminine Complexion Revitalizer Pack
Feminine Complexion Revitalizer Pad

Oxygène Parfait Feminine Complexion Revitalizer

For those who desire a brighter, rosier complexion. A thin pad that supplements the skin with pure oxygen to help reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

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Oxygène Parfait Feminine Complexion Revitalizer

Helps you achieve a more even skin-tone for your delicate areas (specifically, the labia majora) by providing active oxygen. Designed as a thin hygiene pad, the complexion revitalizer is intended to be worn on non-menstruating days. The secret to its skin-brightening property is The O2 Movement’s patented oxygen-release technology.


Patented oxygen-release technology

The Feminine Complexion Revitalizer is equipped with our innovative technology. Once any moisture comes into contact with the formula, active oxygen is released!


Evens out your skin tone

Dark spots and hyperpigmentation is caused by melanin. The oxygen released by the revitalizer alters the melanin’s bond, ultimately improving the skin tone to match the rest of your body, in a safe and effective way.


Incredible Comfort

Made with high quality materials, our complexion revitalizer is incredibly soft, lightweight and totally easy to wear. This pad also has powerful humidity control to keep you feeling dry and fresh!

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