Industrial Masks

A cooler and more comfortable N95-grade industrial mask that works as hard as you do.

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The O2 Movement Industrial Masks

The O2 Movement combined the filtration structure of the traditional N95 respirator with its patented oxygen-release technology, creating a heavy-duty respirator mask that effectively blocks harmful pollutants, while absorbing carbon dioxide and delivering fresh oxygen to the wearer.


Patented oxygen-release technology

Each capsule contains our innovative, patented technology which releases up to 700mL of pure oxygen during wear.


CO2 and Moisture absorption

Our patented technology also absorbs carbon dioxide and moisture, helping create a more favorable gas ratio within the mask and improves oxygen transfer in the red blood cells.


N95-grade filtration

The O2 Movement Industrial Mask features a 3-layer filtration system similar to N95 respirators. This effectively blocks over 95% of pollution including PM 2.5, pollen, and viruses.


Improved breathability

Prolonged wear of traditional industrial masks causes difficulty in breathing because of the high percentage of CO2 and humidity within the mask’s environment. The O2 Movement Industrial Mask solves this issue by absorbing both and boosting the oxygen levels in the space between the mask, allowing the wearer to use the mask comfortably for longer periods of time.

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