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Feminine Pads


A fresher pad for healthier periods. The pad releases up to 50 mL of oxygen which helps kill bacteria and control humidity to keep you feeling cool.

The O2 Movement Feminine Pads

The O2 Movement Feminine Pad is an innovative hygiene product that features an oxygen-release mechanism. Activated by moisture, the pad releases oxygen to create a healthy, pH-balanced environment for the vagina that helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria for a cooler and fresher experience, even on heavy-flow days.


Patented oxygen-release technology

At the bottom of the pad is a patented non-toxic material devised to release 50 mL of pure oxygen when moistened. This enriches the oxygen-depleted area, creating a healthier and cooler environment for the vulva.


Reduces anaerobic bacteria

Anaerobic bacteria thrive in environments that lack oxygen, like moist pads for example. They tend to multiply rapidly causing infections and foul odor. The pure oxygen that is released by our pad effectively reduces this problem.



One of the most common grievances during a woman's period, is odor. Thanks to the pure oxygen delivered by the pad, the anaerobic bacteria that causes odor is reduced to a minimum, while keeping dampness at bay.


Restores pH balance

The Oxygen Movement feminine pad is designed to achieve a slightly acidic environment with the help of oxygen. This environment closely mimics the vagina’s natural pH levels, helping prevent irritations.



Fragrance is the number one irritant in many hygiene products. The Oxygen Movement feminine pad is odor-eliminating but completely free from fragrance!


Secure fit

Wings play an essential role in helping prevent slips and leaks. We use strong, trust-worthy adhesives that simply won't budge.


Available in 5 sizes: Thin, Regular, Overnight, Extra, Super

Women’s bodies and monthly flows are incredibly diverse, so we offer five different lengths to suit your personal needs!