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Daily Respirator Masks


An advanced respirator mask designed to release oxygen for a cooler, drier, more comfortable wear.

The O2 Movement Daily Respirator Masks

Engineered with our patented oxygen-release technology, The O2 Movement Respiratory Mask is designed to absorb carbon dioxide and deliver pure oxygen to the wearer while creating an effective barrier against most harmful pollutants. This results to a drier, cooler, more comfortable fit that allows you to wear the mask for longer.


Patented oxygen-release technology

Located inside the oxygen-releasing capsule on the outer surface of the mask, the patented material releases up to 700mL of pure oxygen while worn. This significantly improves the gas ratio within the mask and increases the oxygen transfer activity of the red blood cells.


Drier and cooler mask environment

In addition to releasing oxygen, the same patented material absorbs CO2 and moisture. This humidity-control feature makes the mask more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.


N95-Grade respirator filtration layers

With the same filtration system as the traditional N95 respirator, the O2 Movement Daily Respirator Mask filters up to 95% of all pollution including particulate matter (PM 2.5), pollen, and viruses.


Better breathability

Traditional N95 masks do not absorb CO2 and moisture, nor do they release oxygen, which is why wearing them for an extended period of time causes discomfort and difficulty in breathing. Our mask does all three, giving you a more comfortable and breathe-easy experience.


Available in adult and kids sizes

Our mask comes in two standard sizes, designed to wear comfortably for adults and children.


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