I would like to place a large order for my company/organization. How do I start?

We’re glad to have the opportunity to work with you! Kindly go to our business section of the site and select the products you are interested in ordering. You will then be asked to leave your business email so one of our staff can get in touch with you!

Why choose Oxygene Parfait?

Everyone has a unique perception of beauty and most people rate skin-tone as their highest priority. But up until this point, there are only a handful of options that are available; from restricting sunlight exposure to undergoing painful lasers or even using toxic, carcinogenic creams. The worst part is, most of these methods either don’t last or are simply ineffective. With Oxygene Parfait, you no longer have to sacrifice health or go through painful procedures for results that just don’t last! We help you achieve safe and dramatic skin-brightening with our patented oxygen releasing technology.

What is Oxygene Parfait?

Oxygene Parfait, a TO2M brand, is a line of professional skin-brightening and revitalization products. It is developed using the latest in cosmetic sciences and provides true results at the comfort of your own home!

The package I have is damaged. Are the masks still safe to use?

Please dispose of any damaged, opened, altered, or broken product and use a brand new one. If you received a product that is damaged or broken, please contact us so we can assist you!

Are there multiple sizes available?

Yes, we have both adult and child sizes available! The adult masks have two shapes you can choose from: Tri-fold and Center-fold.

Is it reusable?

Yes, it is reusable for as long as the filters aren’t fully clogged with pollutants, which can generally be worn for around 8 hours in a heavily polluted area. For surgical use, however, it is advisable to use a new mask each time you take it off, since the risk of spreading bacteria or viruses increases.

Where are your masks currently manufactured?

Our masks are made in a facility located in the city of Anqiu, China. The facility adheres to strict ISO 6 classification and the U.S. General Service Administration’s standards known as FS209E. We will continue to maintain these high standards for the safety of our consumers.

Are your masks N95 certified?

Our mask are made using N95-grade materials; however, we are not yet certified. We are currently undergoing the process of receiving the NIOSH-certification. We’re not stopping there though! We are aiming to exceed all FDA regulations, cGMP regulations, OSHA requirements, as well as meeting the CDC guidelines for bacterial infections.

How long can I use it for?

This depends on the environmental conditions, as well your specific use for the mask. For example, if you are using the mask in a heavily polluted environment, the duration of effective use will be decreased. When the mask gets clogged with pollutants, it slowly becomes more difficult to breathe through the filtration materials.

Will any powder be inhaled?

Absolutely not! The filter on the oxygenator-capsule is made using the same N95-grade filter we use to filter the air. It simply does not allow particles of that size to pass through.

Are the masks safe?

Yes! The materials we use are tested for human-use. We source each of our materials through known and trusted suppliers who are adamant about providing high-quality materials. Our manufacturing process is taken very seriously and we manufacture in a cleanroom to ensure no contamination occurs. We use precision ultrasound machinery to securely fasten our filtration layer to our oxygenator-capsule, so absolutely no powder will leak.

What’s inside the capsule?

Each capsule contains our patented formula/technology, which releases pure oxygen!

How much oxygen can each mask generate?

Each mask contains enough of our unique formula to generate up to 500 mL of pure oxygen.

How does it work?

The oxygenator-capsule requires water and/or carbon dioxide to start releasing the bound oxygen. Our technology allows us to literally transform the unfavorable conditions brought about by water and carbon dioxide, and turn them into something beneficial! The result is a dry, more comfortable mask.

Does your mask really generate oxygen?

Yes! Our mask is attached to a special oxygenator-capsule, which starts generation when you exhale CO2 and/or when moisture is present.

What do I do if the pad is damaged?

For your safety, if the pad is at all damaged, altered or opened, please dispose immediately and use a brand new one.

Is Oxygen harmful to the skin/vulva?

No, quite the opposite actually! Oxygen is known to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanism. It has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates collagen production. Oxygen is extremely beneficial for our skin, in fact, it is used to help burn victims recover from their wounds much faster. Our good bacteria, the mighty lactobacillus, actually produces hydrogen peroxide (a weak oxidizer) to help protect women (or itself) from the overgrowth of harmful odor and disease-causing microbes.

Is your patented technology safe?

100%! We only use materials that have been tested thoroughly with a proven track record. We make it a mission to not include any toxic material in our products. Our feminine pads are free of rayon, chlorine gas, dioxins, acetone, fragrances, deodorants, artificial, dyes phthalates, chloroethane, chloroform, chloromethane, acetophenone, and pesticide residues.

Are your pads manufactured in a cleanroom?

Absolutely! Our trusted manufacturer follows the BS 5295 Class 2 Cleanroom Standards.

How should I dispose of the pads after use?

We recommend wrapping the used pad in the wrapper, and properly disposing it in the trash. Do not flush any contents down the toilet!

Does the oxygen technology cause leakages?

Never! We carefully calculated the amount of oxygen each pad will release to provide adequate protection while preventing leakages.

When the oxygen runs out, can I continue to wear the pad?

When oxygen is no longer released, you can simply switch to a new pad or continue wearing it as you would a regular pad! Even when there is no more oxygen being generated there are still many advantages being provided. The acidic environment that has been created helps stunt the growth of microbes even without oxygen!

Does the oxygen technology affect the absorbency?

Absolutely not! We strictly adhere to the standard absorbency ranges for feminine pads. In fact, when compared to leading brands, we actually have superior absorbency levels!

Will I feel anything wearing your pads?

That really depends on you and your skin! Some women report that they feel the oxygen, while some don’t feel a thing. Every individual has different skin sensitivity. What every woman will notice, however, is that our pads are much less humid and moist compared to all other pads on the market.

Does this pad brighten our skin-tone like your Oxygene Parfait products?

No! The technology we use for our menstrual pads is specially formulated and different than our Oxygene Parfait products which are focused on cosmetic brightening purposes.

Can your oxygen-releasing pads treat or cure my BV or Yeast Infections?

No. Our oxygen-releasing pads are not meant to prevent, treat or cure anything. While we certainly can offer protection, our technology was designed to bring a comfortable defense to the surface of your skin and the pad environment by disrupting the conditions which certain bacterium like to live. We do this by dramatically increasing oxygen levels, as well as lowering pH to similar levels found naturally in healthy women. BV and yeast infections are caused by more than just an unbalanced pH and oxygen-free environments.

Do your pads have wings?

Yes! We believe the wings play an essential role in helping prevent slips and leaks. We have tried many wing iterations and found that the current version is the most effective.

Do you have multiple sizes and absorbencies?

We are proud to offer 5 different feminine pad sizes and absorbencies that can fit the needs of different women! If you are unsure which size may work best for you, you can email us at Inquiries@to2m.com so one of our team members can give you a recommendation!

Are your pads scented or unscented?

Our pads are unscented and free of fragrances. Oxygen has been known to fight odor-causing bacteria! Therefore, our pads do not require any harmful, scented materials!

Are there any downsides to your pad?

None! We are proud to bring to market such a unique and life-changing product. We’re certain that it will your life a bit easier during that tough time of the month!

What makes your pad special?

We have created the first feminine pad in the world to provide a steady release of pure oxygen upon use. This oxygen may help slow or kill existing anaerobic bacteria. Generally, anaerobic microbes can not tolerate more than 15 minutes of oxygen exposure. Our pads release oxygen for up to 8 hours! Allowing you to wear the pad for longer durations with more comfort. However, we strongly suggest changing your pad based on your unique flow, or every 4 hours for better hygiene.

Why choose TO2M Pads?

TO2M Pads have been designed from the inside out to provide what others pads don’t. We go beyond just providing more absorbent, breathable, leak-free pads; we bring something fundamentally new to the entire industry — Pure Oxygen.

Where can we offer comments or suggestions?

We would love to hear from our community, which is why we offer a few easy ways to get in touch. You can simply reach us through the contact form located at the “Contact” tab at the top of the page. After submission, one of our team members will get in touch with you shortly! You can also take our survey: Click Here To Take The Survey.

Or email us: Click Here To Email us.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Do you have a list of scientific references?

We sure do! For the full list, send us a request through our Contact Form, and we’ll get it over to you ASAP.

Are your products tested on animals?

We do not, and never will, endorse testing on animals.

Is your technology safe?

Absolutely! Our patented technology has gone through rigorous testing and development. We would never offer our customers something that isn’t 100% safe!

Why Choose TO2M Products?

All of our products are meant to help you rest easier and save you time in deciding the absolute best. From respirator masks and feminine pads to cosmetic brightening products and life-changing bandages, we want to help you achieve the absolute best outcomes.