About Us

How We Got Started

The Oxygen Movement (TO2M) is reinventing high-quality personal care to better serve people who matter…YOU. We revolutionize hygiene and skin care through oxygenating products that promote health, comfort, and skin vitality.

In 2013, we saw an opportunity to improve the way we create personal care products for men, women, and children. TO2M’s ultimate goal is to create a positive change in your experience with personal hygiene, skin care, and health care products by bringing the incredible benefits of oxygen. And thanks to the patented technology that we developed over the years, we are doing just that!

Our current product line includes feminine pads, adult and children’s diapers, underpads, daily respirator masks, industrial masks, and cosmetic products. Curious to see how they work? Read about TO2M’s oxygen-release technology here. If you have any questions just shoot us a message through the Contact Us page and we’d be happy to hear from you.