The World’s Most Technologically-Advanced Feminine Pad
That Actively Releases Oxygen
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    Traditional pads use harsh materials and create the perfect environment for odor-causing bacteria. They also only provide one function: Absorption
    TOM Pads are here to bring you the best experience possible by implementing our advanced oxygen-releasing technology. Patented and made with high-quality materials, TOM Pads’ technology destroys humidity, irritation, and odor-causing bacteria. Leaving you feeling unstoppable during your next period.
    TOM Pads get rid of the oxygen-deficient, alkaline, and nutrient-rich environments that unwanted microbes love...bringing you comfort you’ve never experienced before!


    TOM Pads will provide uncompromised absorption, superior to leading brands. Leak guards on the sides of each pad will ensure nothing spills over.

    Odor Control

    The oxygen that is generated within our pad will fight odor-causing bacteria. Which means you no longer have to worry about unforeseen scents.


    Our pad will wick moisture like no other! TOM Pad’s technology absorbs all the moisture that is built up between your skin and the pad. That moisture is then transformed into pure oxygen.


    When oxygen is in direct contact with human skin, it is naturally and effectively balanced out (Think, oxygen facial but for your vagina!). Note: Each individual may experience the skin-tone balancing differently.

    PH Balance

    Our pads have been specially designed to closely mimic the pH of healthy skin (around 4.5). This adds an additional layer of protection by synergistically destroying the environment which candida and common BV bacterial strains love.

    Help Us , Help Others

    The TOM Team has been working closely with the local communities in India in hopes of eradicating 70% of the reproductive diseases caused by poor menstrual care. Famous TED Talk speaker, Arunachalam Muruganantham, invented the world’s first low-cost feminine pad machine which helps put affordable hygenic menstrual care in the hands of those who are in need. His core vision aligns with ours and we are so proud to be working directly with him and his team, along with Founder, Eunice Stephen, of the Rehab Centre Of Hope to help build this lifelong mission into the foundation of TOM Pads.

    TOM Pads will donate a portion of its funds directly to Mr. Muruganantham and Mrs. Stephen's team. These funds are distributed to cover the costs of feminine pads, distribution, travel expenses, wages and all other associated fees. We strive to support the locals of their community rather than disrupt them. Generally, when large donations of product are given to communities, small businesses are faced with massive competition and die out as a result. We avoid that by working together with local companies and nonprofits like the Rehab Centre Of Hope.
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    Our technology is patented and are never made with toxic materials.
    When any liquid/moisture comes into contact with our formula, a reaction occurs and pure oxygen is released.

    We have gone through rigorous testing to bring refined and safe products to your home. Our goal is to provide true innovation to outdated products for the 21st century to enjoy. Our products are constantly going through improvements and observation. We do not believe in remaining static We strive to move forward with technology!


    Green Standard New Technology, Inc. is spearheaded by brother-sister duo, Frank and Nancy Tsaur.

    They strive to create the best products, while staying intentional and true to their core values. Learn more about them below


    “It’s a blessing when you have the chance to work in a profession you love, doing something that can help millions.”

    Having studied nutritional medicine, Frank always knew he wanted to help others live healthier, better lives. So when he made a discovery of an oxygen-producing reaction, he quickly realized the potential for revolutionizing people’s health. After years of research that spanned both China and the United States, Frank’s discovery is now the basis for TOM. As founder, Frank oversees the company's operations and research development.


    “Human wellness is a key component of happiness. I hope TOM can help bring others one step closer.”

    Nancy has always had an innate passion for helping others and building connection As such, it was no surprise that she graduated with a Psychology degree at her alma mater, Azusa Pacific University. Today, she helps develop TOM's organizational culture and strategically plan and execute the company's goals.

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